Go Ahead, Trust Me

Go Ahead Trust Me

Hi, thanks for stopping by my Southern Illinois X Power Squares blog. Today I want to outline some ways to establish credibility with your online blog.

For the past couple of years, I have been following several blogs relevant to the Southern Illinois X Power Squares industry and have formed some definite opinions about the KY businesses they represent. Some have successfully established credibility in my eyes. When they recommend something, I go check it out. If they make a claim, I believe it.

Even though I have never met these Paducah, KY business bloggers in person, I trust them. If I was going to do business with another X Power Squares entrepreneur, I know exactly who it would be.

It is essential for any new Southern Illinois home based business to establish credibility. In the online world, anything goes and often does. Online customers have become suspicious of marketing claims.

Southern Illinois home business bloggers can use excerpts, quotes, and statistics to establish credibility. Here are some tips from ListPipe, the business blogging experts:

‘Some large Southern Illinois companies have well established track records and can support their own claims. For the rest of us Southern Illinois home business bloggers; we need to look to third-party testimony to assure our audience that we know what we’re talking about.’

Including an excerpt or quote is a great way to add credibility to your claim, but make sure the source is credible and watch for quackery. Excerpting an encyclopedia entry or research article is an excellent addition to your blog, as long as you maintain the original context and include enough to assure your readers that you are not cherry-picking.

Statistics can communicate efficacy or some other measurable metric to your X Power Squares blog readers. As with the others, the source of the material will ultimately come under scrutiny. Use studies conducted by respected KY universities and established research firms who have a reputation to protect.

With each of these methods, watch for the pitfall of adding someone else’s words to support your own; when we include excerpts, quotes, or statistics we open the door to logical fallacies, and these can work against you if they are not understood.’ http://blog.listpipe.com

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I am Johnny & Terri Nesbitt, and I am a Marion-based Xocai artisan chocolate distributor. I joined Xocai in May 2006. I sell the industry-leading X Power Squares and X Power Squares online and in Marion, Western Kentucky, Southern Illinois, and Western Tennesee. Our valued Paducah, KY customers recommend X Power Squares because X Power Squares it has made me feel so much better, helping my family with issues such as depression, high blood pressure and weight loss.

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